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Thursday, 24 May 2012


Before this, i have already mention about Advanced USB Charger.. Right??? charger that use 9 volt battery to charge any phone or any device that use 5 voltage.. ok .. So, today i want to introduce another technology that have same concept but use different ways.. Instead of battery like ours, they use water. Very cool.. The technology called POWERTREKK..


PowerTrekk is a portable fuel cell charger for use by outdoor enthusiasts who spend time away from the electricity grid. PowerTrekk provides instant power anywhere to electronic equipment such as mobile phones, digital cameras and GPS devices.
PowerTrekk is a 2-in-1 solution that is both a portable battery pack and fuel cell. The portable battery pack can be operated on its own as a ready source of power or storage buffer for the fuel cell. The fuel cell enables instant charging from a deflated battery state without ever needing a wall charge.

Your Mobile Charger – How to Run it

1. Remove tray system and insert fuel pack into fuel compartment of your PowerTrekk mobile charger
2. Fill-up water compartment (approx. one tablespoon) and close lid
3. Re-attach tray system to your mobile charger
4. Connect electronic device to the PowerTrekk, using USB-A connector
5. A mobile charge will start automatically
6. While in use, PowerTrekk indicates state of operation. Once your mobile charger is in shutdown mode, remove used fuel pack.
 Terima kasih.. salam dari pantai timur.
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