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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Job Interview Tips

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera..

job interview

Malam ini aku nak kongsikan sedikit ilmu yang aku dapat daripada En.Rosahairil, iaitu wakil daripada syarikat Composites Testing Laboratory Asia Sdn Bhd semasa sesi Industrial Talk. Secara keseluruhannya, Talk yang disampaikan semasa kelas EPC pagi tadi sangat menyeronokkan. Antara tip-tips yang diberikan oleh En.Rosahairil adalah :

Tips 1 - Resume Submission
  1. Job advertisement
  2. Preparing your resume
  3. Cover letter
  4. Supporting letter
  5. Submission Medium
For this part, The Best Resume is Two pages resume. If the resume are too long, the tendency of people who handle the resume to throw it into trash can is high. If we used email as submission medium, make sure that we write down cover letter in that email. Write down the cover letter and attached the resume with it. 

Tips 2 - Before Interview
  1. Prepare your interview file
  2. Research about the company
  3. List of accomplishment
  4. Practice the interview
  5. Check clothing
  6. Test drive ( Go to the company to check the traffic and road )
  7. Call for reconfirm
  8. Weather forecast
  9. Get a good night sleep
For this part, prepare the interview file and arrange it according to rank. Put the file for example, Certificate for be a project manager, above the other. Please do a research about the company and get a lot of practice. Wear a good attire and matching with the job we are seeking. If we request for post Electrical Engineer, wear a cloth that represent an Electrical Engineer. Call HR for confirmation on the job interview date and time. Who know if it been canceled at last-last minute. Also, check weather forecast so that if it raining at that day, we can prepare a proper transportation to go to job interview. And lastly, get a good night sleep. 

Tips 3 - During Interview
  1. Do a simple work out
  2. Be on time
  3. last minute check
  4. Look confident and busy
  5. Pay attention and relax
  6. Write down note
For this part, We learn by doing a job interview simulation. This part is a special part. Only those who come to class and participate in the talk, know what to do and how to tackle a tough question.

Tips 4 - After Interview
  1. Send thank you note
  2. Make a follow up clean
  3. Be patient and continues job seeking
  4. Call and ask
That all for the tips.. 

Jika ada sesiapa yang ingin pastikan resume yang dihasilkan itu bagus, bolehlah minta tolong En.rosahairil memeriksa resume itu dengan cara hantar salinan resume itu di alamat email :

Tapi ingat.. Minta lah tolong dengan cara yang betul.

Terima kasih..salam dari pantai timur.

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